A Kindle anthology has been produced and is now available on Amazon here.
If you had a story in Kimota and have not been requested for one of your storieds to be included in the anthology it is not because it is not good enough; just that the editor has not mananged to track down an email address.

The Kindle KIMOTA ANTHOLOGY has at least one story from the following authors:

Annemarie Allen
Neal Asher
Suzanne J. Barbieri
Mark Chadbourn
Hugh Cook
Peter Crowther
Barbara Davies
Steve Dean
Caroline Dunford
Paul Edwards
Paul Finch
Derek M. Fox
Stephen Gallagher
Cate Gardner
Alexander Glass
Christopher Kenworthy
Simon Kewin
Stephen Laws
D.F. Lewis
Steve Lockley
Davina Marsland
Paul McAvoy
Willie Meikle
Trevor Mendham
Mark Morris
David O'Neill
Martin Owton
David Price
Kevin K. Rattan
Nicholas Royle
David A. Sutton
Jonathan Taylor
John Travis
Julie Travis
Peter Tennant
John Travis
Stuart Young

Cate Gardner passed on the republishing of her stories (as Catherine J Gardner) but has submitted a replacement